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For such a small island Isla Mujeres is host to a large variety of restaurants and cafes. There is something for everyone! American, Mediterranean, Italian, French, Asian and of course Mexican. Visitors have said that they come back to Isla every year not just for the beautiful beaches but for the food!

Visit these sites for Isla Mujeres restaurant reviews: Holly Eats, Food Musings and Trip Advisor. That said, the best advice is to stroll the streets and follow your nose! Be sure to explore the side streets, many excellent restaurants are not on the main avenue.

Isla Mujeres Restaurants

Amigos' menu specializes in Mexican and vegetarian dishes.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Excellent pasta, pizza and garlic bread at reasonable prices. 
Av. Hidalgo

Asia Caribe
Asian cuisine with an Island flair offering a wide variety of dishes including vegetarian items.
Av. Hidalgo

Aqui Estoy
The only walk-up pizza place in centro. Next to Aluxes Coffee House.
Av. Matamoros

Bally Hoo
Seafood and traditional Mexican food overlooking the Bahia. Bally Hoo will having you coming back for more.
Av. Rueda Medina

Barlito at Marina Paraiso
A Palapa bar and restaurant located at Marina Paraiso with a gorgeous view of the water. Thursday through Saturday features live music.
Open daily
Av. Rueda Medina

Bistro Francais 
The Bistro is a charming French restaurant with good food, reasonable prices and a colorful ambiance.
Breakfast and Dinner
Av. Matamoros

Bucaneros aka Compadres
A large variety of different dishes ranging from Mexican/Caribbean food to pastas and pizzas. A great place to sit and people watch. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Located on Playa Norte in front of Cabañas Maria del Mar, this restaurant/bar is known as the "Swing Bar".  A great place to enjoy happy hour!
Av. Carlos Laza

Brisas del Caribe
Featuring seafood, Mexican and American dishes and snacks, Brisas del Caribe's is located near the ferry dock overlooking the ocean. 
Lunch & Dinner
Av. Rueda Medina

Café Cito
The best waffles on the island and a very special atmosphere. A favorite place for many visitors to hang out.
Breakfast & Dinner
Ave. Matamoros

Cafe Hidalgo
Known for their dessert crepes, Cafe Hidalgo also serves sandwiches and pastries.
Lunch & Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Cafe Mogagua
Great place to hang out with comfy furniture, wifi and a small library. A variety of specials including pizza, pasta and Mexican dishes.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Av. Madero

Casa Rolandi's
The restaurant of Villas Rolandi on Sac Bajo offers gourmet Italian cuisine, superb food and excellent service! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sac Bajo

Chi-Chi & Charlies
Located at the tip of Playa Norte with the perfect spot to watch sunset.
North Beach

Chiles Locos
Features live music in the evening.
Lunch & Dinner
Av. Hidalgo 

Chuuk Kay Restaurant Bar and Grill
Located mid-island next door to Gym Tonic in Colonia Electricistas. Featuring live music on the weekends and a variety of delicious meals. Try the ceviche!
Open 12 - 10 pm

Cockteleria Justicia Social
Cockteleria Justicia Social is operated by the Isla Mujeres fishermen's co-op.  Many fishing boats moor and unload right there.  Talk about fresh fish!  Lots of fun watching all the activity on the docks.
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Rueda Medina

Mediterranean cuisine in a fun setting. Dishes from around the world with large servings and friendly service. Enjoy an after dinner hooka and a game of backgammon.
Dinner - closed Sundays
Av. Hidalgo and at Ixchel Beach Hotel

Da Luisa
Looking for a romantic spot to enjoy wonderful food and a tranquil view of the Caribbean. Visit Casa Louis Ixchel
Next to Casa Ichel Hotelito, Caribe waterfront

Don Chepo
Don Chepo features Mexican grill cuisine, good service and reasonable prices. Try the "Arracera".
Lunch & Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Elements of the Island
Elements of the island cafe offers a relaxing place for natural healthy and organic breakfast or brunch.
7:30 am to 1:00 pm

El Varadero de Oscar 
A new restaurant overlooking Laguna Makax on the road to Garrafon and the south end. Specializing in grilled seafood, steaks and snacks. Open daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM 

Another popular night spot for tourists and locals with live music every night! Mexican and Caribbean cuisine. Lively and fun atmosphere.
Av. Hidalgo

A family owned and operated restaurant with a wonderful menu of Yucatan and Mexican dishes. Try the deep fried fish.
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Located next to the Vistalmar Hotel with a great view of the Bay and fishing boats, Galars is a traditional Mexican restaurant.
Breakfast and Lunch
Av. Rueda Medina

Gellateria Montebianco
Homemade gelato and tiramisu to die for! The owners are Italian and it shows. They make great lasagna and canneloni as well as paninis. Not to be missed!
Lunch and Dinner/Dessert
Av. Matamoros

Jax Bar and Grill
A lively bar and a great place to watch the sunset. Known for their hamburgers and friendly bartenders.
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Rueda Medina

La Cazuela M & J
Absolutely a must try for breakfast! Known for their unique and original egg dishes "Cazuelas" as well as wonderful crepes, La Cazuela has been open for almost 20 years. Bright and cheerful decor with indoor and outdoor seating. Located one block up from Hidalgo on the corner of Guerrero & Abasolo. (discount coupon)
Open daily 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

A wonderful addition to elegant Isla dining with a unique menu! Located mid-island near the Super Express.
Colonia la Gloria

Lo Lo Lorena
Located mid-island just a few doors down from the Navy Hospital, Lo Lo Lorena offers a very special treat, dinners at her charming home.
Av. Rueda Medina

Loncheria Alexia y Geovanny
Authentic Mexican breakfasts and lunches located just outside the macado. A no-frills traditional loncheria.
Av. Guerrero

Mama Rosa
Featuring Italian food. One the corner of Av. Hidalgo and Matamoros.
Lunch & Dinner
Av. Hidalgo 

Offers a variety of sandwiches, salalds, fruit shakes, Italian coffee and more. Open Tuesday - Saturday
Av. Guerrero 

Mango Cafe
The Mango Cafe is located mid-island on the Caribbean road. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't miss their dinners, especially the Monday Night BBQ specials!

Manolo's offers specialties including seafood and Mexican cuisine. A charming "Palapa" style restaurant.
Av. Juarez

Miguel's Moonlite
Miguel's serves up great seafood and terrific drinks. Located on Madero just off of Hidalgo.

Minino's Cocteleria
Great seafood and service with resonable prices. Try the ceviche!
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Rueda Medina

Monchies Grill and Bar
Monchies is a treasure! Known for their stuffed fish fillet, great tacos and margaritas. Located mid-island on the caribbean road. Open for dinner only.

Open Tuesday through Saturday from dinner, Olivia's is a wonderful new restaurant serving Mediterranean dinners in a magical setting. Don't miss this one! Dinner
Av. Matamoros

Picus Cockteleria
Fresh seafood lunch and dinners. Enjoy your meal with your toes in the sand. Lunch and Dinner
Av. Rueda Medina

The large menu features Mexican dishes and fresh seafood. The palapa-roofed balcony overhangs the sidewalk facing the beach. A great place to watch the world go by. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Posada del Mar Hotel

Pizza Rolandi's
Famous for their pizzas and garlic bread cooked in a wood burning oven, Pizza Rolandi's has long been a favorite of visitors to the island.
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Hidalgo

Pita Amore
Delicious pitas made with great ingredients. Don't miss the homemade flan!
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Guerrero

Pizza Rock
Free delivery and Tuesdays are two for one. Pizza Rock also serves pastas and chicken dishes. Tel: 877-0660
Lunch and Dinner
Av. Hidalgo, Plaza Isla Mujeres

Playa Lancheros
A favorite of both tourists and locals of Isla Mujeres, where the island famous "tikin xic" dish is served. Located on Playa Lancheros - mid island.

Poc Chuc
A family run traditional Yucatecan restaurant that has been around since the 80's. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Rooster Cafe
Breakfast and lunch with great sandwiches and soups. Open for dinner during the high season and truly dinner is a treat!
Av. Hidalgo

A large selection of food including Mexican favorites. Great place to watch sports on their wide screens. Lunch and DinnerRooster Cafe
Breakfast and lunch with great sandwiches and soups. Open for dinner during the high season and truly dinner is a treat!
Av. Hidalgo

Qubano Restaurant
Serving authentic Cuban food. Famous for their Toston sandwich and Hungarian potatoes. Open for lunch and dinner.
Av. Hidalgo

Rene & Renee
Traditional Isla home cooking, a true taste of the island.
Breakfast and Lunch
Av. Madero

Rosticeria La Mexicana
Roasted and grilled chickens served with rice, beans tortillas and salsa. Have it delivered or take it to go! Opens at 11 AM Tel: 877-0006
Lunch Av. Guerrero #4

Seso Loco
Located mid-island on Av. Rueda Medina, Seso Loco is fast becoming an Isla favorite. They offer typical Mexican dishes, Italian pastas and excellent soups.

Soggy Peso Bar & Grill
Unique and full of character with gorgeous sunsets and a Sunday BBQ that will have you coming back for more! Located mid-island on Av. Rueda Medina,
Drinks and Dinner

Some of the best sea food on the island with tables right on the beach. This family owned and operated palapa restaurant has been open for over 26 years
Lunch and Dinner  Av. Rueda Medina

Actually Zazil-Ha is three separate restaurant/bars. The beach palapa, the snack bar and a full restaurant. Superb atmosphere and excellent service at relatively moderate prices. 
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner   Na Balam Hotel

Zama Beach Club and Restaurant
A beautiful open air palapa restaurant located on Sac Bajo with a small beach and a view of Cancun across the bay.
Lunch and Dinner Sac Bajo


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