Hotels & B&Bs

Isla Mujeres Hotels and B&Bs

The hotels and B&Bs below are listed by the average high season rate. During the holidays (December 20th to Jan 6th) expect a 10%-20% increase. During the Low Season prices can decrease up to 20%, sometimes more. Some of the moderately priced hotels do have budget priced rooms and some budget hotels have a moderately priced room.


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Isla Mujeres Area Map

Basic Isla Mujeres Area Map

High End Priced Hotels $140 usd per night and up

Casa de los Sueños (South End Bahia)
Tel: 984 108-3406


Hotel Playa la Media Luna (Caribbean/North Beach)
Tel: 877-0759


Hotel Secreto (Caribbean/North Beach)
Tel: 877-1039


Isla Mujeres Palace AI (South End Bahia)
Tel: 1-800-635-1836


Ixchel Beach Hotel (North Beach)
Tel: 999-2010


IZLA Beach Hotel (Sac Bajo)
Tel: 234 0471


Maria's Kan Kin (South End Bahia)
Tel: 877-0015 


MIA Reef Club (North Beach)

Na Balam Beach Hotel (North Beach)
Tel: 877-0279


Nautibeach Owners Rental Pool (North Beach)
Tel/Fax: 877-0606


Privilege Aluxes (Bahia North Beach)
Tel: 848-8470


Villa Vera Puerto Isla Mujeres (Laguna Makax)
Tel: 800/400-3333


Villa la Bella (Mid-island Caribe Waterfront)
Tel: 888-0342


Zoetry Villa Rolandi (Sac Bajo)
Tel: 877-0050 

Moderately Priced Hotels $80 usd per night and up

Bucaneros Hotel (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0210


Bahia Chac Chi (Centro)
Tel: 877-1797


Cabañas Maria del Mar (North Beach)
Tel: 877-0179


Casa Ixchel Rooms & Suites (Caribe Waterfront)
Tel: 888-0107


Casa Sirena Hotel (Centro)

Tel: not available


El Milagro Marina & Villas (Airport Strip Bahia)
Tel: 877 1708


Francis Arlene Hotel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0310


Hotel Belmar (Centro)
Tel: 877-0430


Hotel Kinich (Centro)
Tel: 877-0971

Hotel Las Palmas (Centro)
Tel: 274-0062


Hotel Plaza Almendros (Centro)
Tel: 877-1217


Hotel Roca Mar (Centro Caribbean Waterfront)
Tel/Fax: 877-0101


Hotel Marina Paraiso (Airport Strip Bahia)
Tel: 877 0252


Los Arcos (Centro)
Tel: 877-1343


Posada del Mar (Centro)
Tel: 877-0212


Roca Teliz (Centro)
Tel: 877-0407


VC Hotel Boutique (Centro Playa Posada)
Cel: 173-1737


Villa Kiin (Caribe/North Beach)
Tel/Fax: 877-0045


Hotel Xbulu-Ha (Centro)
Tel: 877-1783

Budget Priced Hotels up to $60 usd per night

Caribe Maya (Centro)
Tel: 877-0684


Carmelina (Centro)
Tel: 877-0006


Hostel Plaza Isla Mujeres (Centro)
Mobil: 998 201-0203


Hotel El Caracol (Centro)
Tel: 877 0150


Hotel Gomar (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0541


Hotel Isleño (Centro)
Tel: 877-0302


Hotel Marcianito (Centro)
Tel: 877-0111

Hotel Osorio (Centro)
Tel: 877-0294


Maria José (Centro)
Tel: 877-0245


Posada Suemi (Centro)
Tel: 877-0122


Poc-Na Youth Hostel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0090


San Jorge (Centro)
Tel: 877-0155


Vistalmar (Centro)
Tel: 877-0209