Isla Accommodations by Name

Isla Mujeres Accommodations

The hotels, B&Bs, Villas, Cabañas and Apartments below are listed alphabetically. Click on the linked listings for more information and to visit their website. Many of the accommodations listed are represented by rental agents on Isla Mujeres, please browse through their websites: Lost Oasis or Isla Beckons. This list does not include single family private homes for rent.


Isla Mujeres Area Map

Basic Isla Mujeres Area Map

Apts Villas Punta Sur (South End)
Tel: 877-0572


Chac Chi Hotel & Suites (Centro)
Tel: 877-1797


Bahia Tortuga
Tel US: 972 400 1705


Bucaneros Hotel (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0210


Cabañas Maria del Mar (North Beach)
Tel: 877-0179


Capi's Apartments (Colonia)


Casa de los Sueños (South End Bahia)
Tel: 984 108-3406


Carmelina Hotel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0006


Casa Bonita de Isla (South End)


Casa Caracol - The Shell House (Southend Caribe)


Casa el Pio centro


Casa de las Palmas (Caribe Waterfront)
Tel US: (503) 537-8776


Casa Isla Bella @ La Diosa (Southend Caribe)
Tel US: (314) 713-2259


Casa Ixchel Hotel (Waterfront)
Tel: 888-0107


Casa Laguna (Mid-island Colonia)


Casa Media Luna Beach Bungalows (North Beach)


Casa Mimosa (Sac Bajo)


Casa Punta Piedra (Waterfront)


Casa Roca Caribe (Waterfront)


Casa Sirena Hotel (Centro)


Casitas de Mar with Joyce and Bob
(Colonia Waterfront)
Tel: 888-0034


Chac-Chi Suites (Colonia)


Color de Verano Village Apt. (Centro)


Villa Bonita de Isla (Southend)


El Castillo Maya (Colonia Waterfront)
Tel US: 320-766-0429


El Milagro Marina & Villas (Colonia/Marina)
Tel US: 805-698-8165


Elements of the Island (Centro)
Tel: 274-0098


Francis Arlene Hotel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0310


Hostel Plaza Isla Mujeres (Centro)
Mobil: 998 201-0203


Hotel Belmar (Centro)
Tel: 877-0430


Hotel El Caracol (Centro)
Tel: 877 0150


Hotel Casa Espana (Centro)


Hotel Gomar (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0541


Hotel Isleño (Centro)
Tel: 877-0302


Hotel Kinich (Centro)
Tel: 877-0971


Hotel La Joya (Southend)


Hotel Las Palmas (Centro)
Tel: 274-0062


Hotel Mar Azul (Caribbean)
Tel/ Fax: 877-0011


Hotel Marcianito (Centro)
Tel: 877-0111


Hotel Maria Elena (South End)


Hotel Maria José (Centro)
Tel: 877-0245


Hotel Maria del Pilar (Centro)


Hotel Osorio (Centro)
Tel: 877-0294

Hotel Playa la Media Luna (Caribbean)
Tel: 877-0759


Hotel Plaza Almendros (Centro)
Tel: 877-1217


Hotel Roca Mar (Centro Caribbean Waterfront)
Tel/Fax: 877-0101


Hotel Roca Teliz (Centro)
Tel: 877-0407


Hotel Secreto (Caribbean)
Tel: 877-1039


Hotel Xbulu-Ha (Centro)
Tel: 877-1783


Isla Mujeres Palace (South End Bahia)
Tel: 1-800-635-1836


Ixchel Beach Hotel (Playa Norte)
Tel: 999-2010


IZLA Beach Hotel (Sac Bajo)
Tel: 234 0471


La Vida Dulce Casitas (Centro)


Luna d'Miel Suites (Waterfront)
Tel: 877-1667


Mar y Sol Beachfront Apt. (South End)


Maria Leticia Apts. (Centro)
Tel: 877-0394


Maria's Kankin (South End)
Tel: 877-0015


Marina Paraiso Hotel


Maravilla Caribe (Waterfront) 


Mia Reef Isla Mujeres


Na Balam Beach Hotel (North Beach)
Tel: 877-0279


Nautibeach Owners Rental Pool (North Beach)
Tel/Fax: 877-0606


Oasis Escondido (Colonia)


Playa Gaviota Suites (South End)
Tel: 877-0216


Posada del Mar (Centro Playa Posada)
Tel: 877-0212


Poc-Na Youth Hostel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0090 Fax: 877-0059


Privilege Aluxes (North Beach)
Tel: 848-8470


Puerto al Mar Condos (Sac Bajo)
Tel: 193-3971


Punta Piedra I and II (Waterfront)


Que Barbara Studio Apts. (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0296


San Jorge Hotel (Centro)
Tel: 877-0155


Sea Hawk Suites (Centro)
Tel/Fax: 877-0296


Shell House (South end Caribe)
Tel: 888-0110


Soggy Peso (Mid-island Bahia)
Tel: 274-0050


Su Casa Beach Cottages (Sac Bajo)
Tel/Fax: 877-0180


Suites Los Arcos (Centro)
Tel: 877-1343


Sundreamers Apartments (Centro)


VC Hotel Boutique (Centro Playa Posada)
Cel: 173-1737


Villas Bonita de Isla (South End)


Villa la Bella (Colonia Waterfront)
Tel: 888-0342


Villas Keh Apartments (Mid-island Colonia)


Villa Kiin (Caribe/North Beach)
Tel/Fax: 877-0045


Villa Makax (Sac Bajo)


Villa Pajaros Apartments (Colonia)
Tel: 877-0541


Zoetry Villa Rolandi