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On Isla Mujeres, there is much to do without getting wet! There are many small craft stores tucked between the hotels and restaurants, fine jewelry and clothing stores and souvenir shops at almost every corner. You can explore the island on a moto or golf cart and visit the various points of interest listed below. There is something for everyone on Isla Mujeres!

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Garrafón Park

Garrafón Park is named for an incredible reef formation, part of the longest reef in the hemisphere. There are gift shops, restaurant and snack bars, bathrooms with showers and dive shops. The entrance fee gives you full use of the facilities. The park also offers guided tours to Punta Sur and the "Blue Eye Cave", Zip line flights and Caribbean Bungee jumping. A great way to spend the day and well worth the entrance fee! Garrafón Park is located on the south end of the island facing Cancun.

Punta Sur, Mayan Temple and Sculpture Garden

Punta Sur is located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, 20 meters above sea level, where the rising sun first touches Mexican soil. This is the highest elevation in the Yucatan and home to an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Moon Goddess. Visitors can look out from its steep, naturally carved cliffs toward awesome views of Cancun and the bay. There is a small "caribbean village" with several stores, a snack bar/restaurant and the lighthouse which provides an amazing view of Punta Sur. This is a must-see spot for people interested in picturesque landscapes, Mayan architecture, and unique cliff formations.

Picture an outdoor art exhibit in one of the most breathtaking, tropical settings. Garrafón Reef Park is home to the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden. The Sebastian Foundation, along with 23 artists from Mexico and around the world, created this exhibit for Isla Mujeres in 2001. Famous sculptors such as Jose Luis Cuevas used modern shapes and bright hues to interpret the legendary spirit of the Mayan civilization

In the Mayan culture, Ixchel is the Goddess of the Moon. Known as the wife of the Sun, she is also considered a fertility goddess with great healing powers. For centuries, Mayan women came to Isla Mujeres on yearly pilgrimages to seek her help. The temple was also used to send signals to the mainland. At Punta Sur, you can visit the Mayan temples devoted to Ixchel. Even though time and weather have impacted the temple, it remains a fascinating example of Pre-Columbian structures.

The Turtle Farm

Isla Mujeres is the ancestral hatching ground for the giant sea turtles who lay their eggs in the soft sand every May through September. For many years the sea turtles were killed for their meat and shell and their eggs dug up for food. They are now federally protected. The eggs are placed in pens to keep them safe from predators and the newly hatched turtles are placed in tanks until the are released into the wild by the local school children. Seeing hundreds of sea turtles that survive thanks to the care and love of the islanders is a unique experience and an example for the rest of the world.

Isla Mujeres´ turtle farm is located on the southern part of the island, and supported by Mexican government and private funds.
Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tel: 877-0595

Hacienda Mundaca

Hacienda Mundaca originally covered almost forty percent of the island. Built by Fermin Mundaca after he "retired" from pirating and slave trading around 1858, the hacienda was surrounded by magnificent gardens including the solar clock garden called "The Rose of the Winds". Mundaca dedicated his hacienda to a local beauty, 37 years younger then himself, known as "La Triguena" (the brunette). The arches above the gates were known as "The Entrance of the Triguena" and "The Pass of the Triguena". His dedication was in vain, she married a man closer to her own age and as legend tells it, Fermin Mundaca slowly went insane and died, alone in Merida. His empty tomb still awaits him in the Isla Mujeres cemetery. Carved by his own hands are the skull and cross bones, in memory of his pirating days and the words meant for his love, "As you are, I was. As I am, you will be".

Today, the Hacienda's remaining structures, gardens and pathways are being restored. It is located mid-island near the entrance to Sac Bajo. The entrance fee is $20 pesos and worth a visit. The best time to go to Mundaca is in the morning before it gets too hot. Remember to wear bug repellent for the mosquitoes!

The Floating Bottle Island

In late 2007, British artist Richard "Rishi" Sowa began to build his “Floating Island” just off the Sac Bajo peninsula in the waters of Laguna Makax. The island and the house that stands on it are made from natural and recycled materials. Over 150,000 discarded plastic bottles were used for the base.

The island is about 70 ft. in diameter with a small beach, a house, a pond, a waterfall and river, with all the energy provided by solar panels. The various plants and mangroves growing on the man-made island make it a small jungle. Rishi Sowa continues to make improvements so it will always be a work of art in progress.

Look for the “Floating Island” sign on the laguna side of Sac Bajo, walk down to the old wooden dock and ring the bell for Rishi, for a donation of 50 pesos per person, Rishi will take you over to the island on his floating barge and give you the full guided tour - you will be amazed!!

Golf Cart Tour around the island

One of the most enjoyable things to do on Isla is rent a Golf Cart from one of Isla's many rentadoras and explore the island. We highly recommend renting a Golf Cart as opposed to a scooter (moto). The topes (speed bumps) can be dangerous when diving too fast and the very last thing you want to do on your vacation is spend time in the emergency room. Order Perry and Laura "Map Chick" Isla Mujeres map at Can-do Maps & Guides, it includes an excellent tour guide around the island.

Angel Moto Rent
Motos Av. Juarez

Cárdenas Rentadora
Motos & Golf Carts Av. Guerrero

Caribe Rent
Mopeds & Golf Carts Av. Guerrero

Ciro's Rentadora
Motos & Golf Carts Av. Guerrero

El Sol Rentadora
Motos & Golf Carts Av. Madero

Gomar's Rentadora
Golf Carts Av. Rueda Medina & Av. Madero

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals
Pre-paid and delivered directly to your hotel!

Moto Rent Kan-Kin
Bikes & Motos #15 Av. Abasolo

Pepe's Moto Rent
Motos & Golf Carts #19 Av. Hidalgo

Paulina Scooters & Bike Rental
Motos and Bikes Av. Rueda Medina

Prisma Golf Cart Rentals with a coupon!
Golf Carts Av. Rueda Medina

El Zorro
Bikes & Motos Av. Rueda Medina

Motos and Bikes Av. Guerrero

Casa de la Cultura

The Cultural Center of Isla Mujeres was built by the efforts of Mrs. Josefa Adame Solís, a beloved teacher who helped the people of Isla Mujeres widen their knowledge and culture. Located on Ave. Guerrero overlooking the Caribbean, the Casa de la Cultura is host to frequent activities for children, music, art and dancing classes, as well as a library that has several shelves of paperback books in English.


Isla Mujeres is home to many workshops and retreats every year. The Hotel Na Balam offers yoga classes under its large poolside palapa, complete with yoga mats and props. The hotel also offers yoga retreats featuring respected teachers.


Treat yourself to at least one therapeutic massage while you are here with Mary Ann Burns-Gaitan. A certified massage therapist and energy worker, Mary Ann has over 18 years expierence. Gift certificatesare available.


For those of you who love shopping, you'll love Isla Mujeres. Isla has a great variety of handicrafts such as hammocks, Saltillo rugs, onyx and silver, Guatemalan clothing, blown glassware, masks and folk art. There are several sophisticated jewelry stores and even a few art galleries featuring local artists. Of course there are T-shirt and beach paraphernalia stores almost on every corner. Most of the stores are open by 10:00 AM and quite a few stay open into to early evening, especially during the high season. Be sure to visit Isla's handicraft market on Av. Carlos Lazo. Explore and enjoy yourself!


El Macado, at the market you can find fresh and colorful flowers, the most exotic and delicious fruits, fresh vegetables and all kinds of groceries. It is located downtown on Av. Guerrero and is surrounded by many small restaurants that serve typical regional food at very reasonable prices.

The Plaza is located at the heart of downtown Isla. You will often find dances, events and celebrations going on in the evenings. Isla families and tourists alike enjoy evenings at the Plaza eating tacos and pastries from the vendors, joining a pick-up basketball game, celebrating mass at the church and watching the world go by.

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